About Us

Joe and Leslie Flores live in Orem, Utah and were married in 1996.  They were both excited to make a new start in life together.  This is a second marriage for both of them.  They came together as a family, each having two children.  They added one more 2 years later to make five altogether.

Besides their faith, the main thing that attracted them to each other was the fact they are both very creative.  They knew they could count on each other for creative support.  Now after 12 years they have decided to really get creative and started their own business, sharing their talents with others.

About Joe

Joe is a man of many talents. His favorite medium is his airbrush.  He is also a sculptor and loves to build things that move, like puppets.  He is a freelance illustrator and is currently employed at a company that builds animated robots and puppets called Robotronics.  Joe is also a professional mime and has been performing for many different groups and occasions for about 22 years.  He is also currently the president of the Utah Puppetry Arts Guild.  He is a member of the Utah County Arts Board, which helps promote local artists by inviting them to display their talents in the Health and Justice Building Art Gallery in Provo.  He is also a member of the Utah County Art Guild.  He teaches art and puppet building classes at the Covey Center in Provo.  He teaches Airbrush classes at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.  Needless to say, Joe is always busy with something.

About Leslie

Leslie also has many talents.  She has been employed for over 20 years as a floral designer.  She also loves making pottery on her kick wheel.  She has been involved with her sons school, helping the children with arts and crafts.  She also loves to paint in watercolor and acrylics.  Her favorite subjects to paint are flowers, of course.  Her new found passion is sewing and designing purses, art quilts, aprons, puppets and other custom sewing projects.  She has been wanting to start her own business for many years now.  After a serious illness and hospitalization she had to quit working outside her home.  She has now taken the opportunity to start her own business and promote her and Joe’s artwork, as well as being home with her two children who still need her attention.

Please enjoy our website and come back often to see what is new.  Joe always has something new and exciting brewing in his head.